Lex Luthor Needs a Bailout

Being the comics/superhero nerd (no, comics and superheroes aren't always interchangeable!) that I am, this really tickled me. Jon Hamm (of AMC's phenomenal "Mad Men") would make a compelling and very inspired Lex Luthor, although I have no qualms with Kevin Spacey playing the role. Dashing good looks, deceptively intelligent, certainly articulate - it's the perfect combination for evil. Why has no previous iteration of Luthor played on the looks? He's always bald, yes, but mostly black only sometimes white, and always forgettably bland-looking with no exeggerated physicality like his nemesis. Shouldn't the evildoer be appealing, and attractiveness is always persuasive, or else how can he be so conniving, so convincing time and again? Luthor is a contemporary manifestation of Satan. (Luthor. Lucifer. Hm.) The great deceiver, the great manipulator. Money and wealth are no longer enough of a draw, except in today's market it is, so why not play to other possible traits?

Used the current economic crisis as a backdrop, but was kind of expecting more references. Maybe: "Evil AIG Execs Wreaking Havoc on Wall St. and Main St., Chaos Ensues"? "Rupert Murdoch Slashes Jobs, Kills off Daily Planet"? "Mortgage Crisis Puts Local Resident Clark Kent on the Streets"? "Octo-Mom's Babies are Mutants! More On the Way"? None of these could've been at the hands of Luthor?

And, no, there's still nothing on a new installment in the franchise.

It wasn't intended that while updates on "Iron Man 2" have come out, I posted the Funny or Die video instead, even though the video means absolutely nothing for the next film. Call me a DC fanatic, I suppose. (Truth be told, I'm supremely excited about Mickey Rourke's official involvement in the sequel, playing an evil Russian which is a composite character, and hope some exciting things come out of the development cycle for us to read about and pore over. I'm disappointed about Scarlett Johansson, though, if only because Emily Blunt would've made a killer Black Widow. When you're hot, you're hot, and Blunt still has some people to please before she becomes the star that she deserves to be.)

Should Warner Bros. pursue another round of Superman Saves the Day?

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  1. No, I didn't enjoy Superman. They should just leave the franchise alone unless some kick-ass director and writer can come up with something good. Something like The Dark Knight perhaps.