TRAILER: "Where the Wild Things Are"

Okay, maybe this has become overkill or maybe I'm hyping up this movie more than I should. But I wasn't expecting the trailer to appear online so quickly after those images from USA Today came up. I thought Warner Bros. would hold onto the thing until the last minute, that is, 'til Friday when it was supposed to be seen for the first time with "Monsters vs. Aliens." I'm sure glad they decided not to adhere so strictly to that strategy since I'm not so keen on seeing the Dreamworks flick -- none of the gags or jokes strike me as funny really, and while the plot screams amusing, their marketing doesn't scream quality. (Having grown up loving the Universal Monsters -- Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc. -- the selection on call for this movie just seemed... random. The monster movie is an old staple genre of Hollywood so it's just irking that they went with a cockroach scientist. At least there's the "Missing Link" lagoon monster, though. Not that Dreamworks would've ever fulfilled my wild, I'll admit it, dreams of seeing these classics done up in respectful CGI up against some actually worthy-looking alien creatures -- too limited an audience, and hard to sell -- but for them to have gotten so close and still strayed so far is just too much. Too much!)

But I digress.
The trailer for "Where the Wild Things Are" is finally out, and it is even more fantastical than I imagined it could've been... as unlikely as that may sound considering how many posts I've made about it, not to mention my hopelessly exuberant rhetoric in regards to the film and talent involved. The rendition of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" starts off much different from their album version (cleaner, fleshed out), but it's just as colorful, and by the end of the trailer returns to the sounds of the original album version and really truly aids in making these characters endearing and magnetic. Purely rambunctiously lovable. Like the most fun you've ever had, the wildest fantasies. It's like Dorothy stepping out of her black and white home into the magical Technicolored Oz. (I used that line in a review I wrote about the Arcade Fire's debut album, in fact.)

Wildly excited yet?

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  1. I like the music! I was really worried that the creatures (or whatever you call them..."wild things"?) would be too frightening for kids, but they don't seem scary. I think some kids would think they are, but this trailers' presentation makes them seem friendly, and some of them even look like lions. "Purely rambunctiously lovable" is a great description.

  2. i can't wait for this to come out! october can't come any faster!

  3. why no more updates? you can squeeze in a short post between doing school work. ;)