Brüno: Red Band Trailer

Turns out I'm not so incredibly busy that I can't post a trailer, as I might've suggested in the last posting. In fact, I'll probably find some extra time this weekend to make a long post or two (eek - says my Orange County friends who admit they don't frequent my blog because of it).

Myspace's Trailer Park has landed the gig to show Sascha Baron Cohen's new film, the follow-up to the massively successful Borat, titled after another character - Bruno - who is an Austrian gay man as equally inept and forward as the Kazakh journalist. As you can guess, then, the trailer is full of shocking previews to some of the stunts Cohen's been pulling on mostly unsuspecting people, a couple of which have landed on local news. His work borders on being socially irresponsible, making confrontational and reckless behavior almost alluring, but it's informed by an awareness of odd, sometimes absurd, institutions and mores latent in our culture. He manages to always one-up "bad" or "dumb" people to reveal the ground-level realities of things we collectively create.

Through the harassing of individuals in the military industrial complex and techniques using laymen and amateurs as representatives of the whole, the film has an energy and approach sort of reminiscent of a Michael Moore documentary. Don't know if that means well for either or none, but that's what I'm getting. A sort of post-party, quasi-/faux-liberal humor piece on the state of the union.

Does this ring brilliant satire to you, or idiotic farce?

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